Rappa Resources 2018

High frequency technology.

Complete stainless steel constitution.

Plant: Gold Recovery

Quanity: 1 off Wet ESP

Guarantee Offered: 50mg

Lafarge Manresa ESP & Downcomer Project 2012

Scope was demolition of  2 ESP’s and installation of 2 new units. This was a full turn key project.

Project duration of 100 days including site establishments. Emission guaranties of below 50mg was achieved.

Unilever Maydon Wharf Durban 2015

ESP was pre assembled in a staging area. Support structure was erected in position.

ESP was installed in 3 sections and ESP completed in record time of 14 days.

Client: Unilever

Plant: Biomass Boiler

Capacity: 20 t/hr

Quanity: 1 off

APC Equip: Erection of 1 off BETH/ J&C ESP.

Erection Period: 1 Month

Guarantee Offered: 50mg

Guarantee achieved: < 50mg

ZPC Hwange Project 2013

Pre-assembly of ESP internal components. Alignment and storage jigs. Site establishment & pre shut preparartion.

Complete replacement of all Electrical works.

TFD York Timbers Sabie – 2014/2015

Client: TFD

End User: York Timbers

Plant: Biomass Boilers ( Wood  chips)

Capacity: 20 t/hr

Quanity: 2 off

Supply of APC Equip: 2 off BETH/ J&C Eng ESP’s

Erection Period: 3 Months

Guarantee Offered: Less than 50mg

Guarantee achieved: Less than 28mg