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Employment Equity & CIDB

J&C Engineering recognise obligations in terms of the Employment Equity Act. Our Employment Equity Policy promotes Equal opportunity and Fair treatment, and strives to build a Diverse, High-Quality staff profile that reflects the demographics of South Africa.

In Advancing Employment Equity, we recognise and respect the right to dignity and self-determined identity.

J&C Engineering’s Employment Equity Strategies form part of the Company’s Annual Strategic Planning Process and is reported and reviewed at monthly Executive Management meetings, at which Employment Equity issues, legislative compliance and numerical target levels are set. Consultation and dialogue are used to address the results of Employment Equity audits and monitor progress towards our targets. Our strategy covers Recruitment, Staff Development, Staff Retention and Cultural Diversity.

Our Managers and Consultative Forums are well versed in the Employment Equity Act. Senior Managers are held accountable and are responsible for reaching Employment Equity Goals.

J&C Engineering has been accredited by merSETA to assist with the training of apprentices. While we will not sacrifice our Quality Standards, these accelerated development programs assist with the integration of new entrants from designated groups, specified by the Act.

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