Functional Principle – Offline Phase

Dust-laden gas enters the lower part of the filter body through the raw gas channel and the filter bags separate the dust from the gas flow.

The filter is divided into sections within the filter body. For cleaning the filter bags, one section is isolated from the volume flow by way of a pneumatically operated poppet valves.

The isolation takes place from the clean gas side. The disconnected row of filter bags is reverse pulsed by nozzle tubes located above the filter bags. For this purpose, compressed-air tanks with integrated diaphragm valves and fully enclosed solenoid valves are installed.

The solenoid valves are operated periodically by an electronic monitoring device. The compressed air escaping from the storage tank is fed into the filter bags via the nozzle tubes and jet pipe injectors.

This compressed air pulse thoroughly cleans the filter bags.

After the entire row of filter bags are cleaned and a preset time lag (depending on the specific application) has passed, the filter section is reconnected to the flow and set back into filtration mode by opening the poppet valve.

The next section is removed from the filtration process for cleaning. Additionally, every filter unit can be sealed off from both the raw gas and the clean gas side for maintenance work such as replacement of bags.