Centrifugal Separator Cyclone


Cyclones are high performance centrifugal separators with an extremely high separation rate and low pressure drop.

They have proved a resounding success in numerous industrial operations. Depending on application and type of dust, they can be used as either stand-alone de-dusters or pre-separators.

Cyclones are available in twenty different installation sizes that are designed for flow volumes from 560m³/h to 113,600m³/h.

These cyclones can be used for even larger volumes if they are installed as twin (or even quadruple) separators.

Cyclones can be used at temperatures up to 450°C. The material used to fabricate the cyclones will be according to respective requirements.

The dust content of raw gas can range from a few grams to several kilograms per cubic meter. When dust contents are high it is essential to adjust the outlet devices (such as rotary valves or double flap valves) to increase material flows.

Abrasive dusts such as quartz, corundum, or cement can lead to considerable material wear, depending on circumferential speed and the resulting side friction in the separators. This is why separators that are predominantly used for these dusts can be equipped with suitable wear protection, such as a wear-resistant sheet metal inlay or a cast basalt lining.

Choosing the perfect wear protection depends on the process and various procedural parameters.

For applications involving explosive dusts, cyclones are modified in an explosion proof version.